Nail Techs, do you need a small quantity of nail polish to sell in retail? Event Planners, are you planning an event and need to create party favors? OC Minx Cosmetics unbranded nail polish offers the perfect option!

Simply order multiple 6-packs or our Bulk 30 Pack of our open stock colors.

TIP FOR NAIL TECHS: Start selling nail polish to your clients with NO MINIMUM requirements. Simply order nail polish from this site. At just $5.50 per bottle, you can retail your polish for $12 -$18, depending on your client base. 

- All polish will come in a cubic bottle as shown on the front of our website.

- Nail polish will be blank on the front, with the color name on the bottom. 

- If ordering multiple 6-packs or smaller,  please be sure to place a note in the section of the checkout page informing us of a bulk order, and we will package together in one carton. 



Use an online vendor, such as Avery, to create your own labels.


Note: We are not affiliated with AVERY and cannot make guarantees or be responsible for your labeling outcomes. We have had great results with their waterproof white or clear material and highly recommend this for your label.